Your Mistress

I am Mistress Samara, one of Sydney's finest kink and fetish practitioners.

I consider BDSM to be a fine art and a science; the perfect session requires a strong creative streak and the training to follow through. I have the distinction of being one of the few Sydney dominatrices to be classically trained at the heels of Australia's finest Mistresses, as well as in the premiere houses of fetish and fantasy in New South Wales and Victoria. Until February 2019 I took sessions at Sydney's Temple 22; now I am committed to providing bespoke sessions as a private dominatrix.

My creativity is a gift I have nurtured all my life. I am a trained actress and hold qualifications in the psychological and medical field. These skills have been a wonderful foil to My wicked mind, allowing Me to bring to life even the most twisted and debaucherous fantasies. 

Even in My youth I knew My sexual calling was in kink. A common complaint from teachers was that I was too stubborn and headstrong for them to control. Later, I would blindfold My lovers and ravish them until they could take no more. My life was never going to be the normal sort, and I threw myself in to My passions headfirst. This blossomed in to a career when I, at nineteen, was invited to session with one of Sydney's best fetish practitioners.

At My heart I am a Goddess. I crave being served and worshiped like the divine being I am. This service can come in infinite forms; perhaps I will inflict pain for My amusement, or impose strict worshiping protocols, or simply dress you in a maid's outfit and have you spit-shine My shoe collection.

I am naturally pansexual and have experience working with kinksters with disabilities. Race, culture, gender, ability and experience are no barriers to be in My service; all that matters to Me is your submission.

I practice My sessions under the Risk-Aware Consensual Kink model, and I use safer sex practices for all intimate services.