What I Provide

This is intended as a guide for the types of sessions I most like to do, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a fetish that isn't listed contact Me to discuss our options. Use CTRL+F on your keyboard to look up key words or phrases.

Anal Play

Anything from strap-on training to a hardcore fisting. I am very experienced in opening you up to the joys of your arse, both figuratively and literally.


This could simply be the traditional Mistress/slave dynamic, or perhaps you would like to explore a different scenario - I can embody a strict teacher, cruel nurse, puppy trainer or sexy stepsister and more.

Bondage & Restraint

Includes the traditional handcuffs or simple rope ties, and extends to mental restraints - long-term chastity is something I particularly love. I may also deprive you of your sight, your hearing or your ability to speak.

Women, Gender Diverse People & Couples

I am pansexual and truly enjoy having sessions with submissives from all over the gender spectrum. I am also very fond of guiding couples through their sexual journeys and teaching them how to enact their fantasies in a safe and supportive way.

Slave Training

Training new sluts and submissives is a true joy. It makes Me very proud to see a slave blossom under My tutelage. I will train you to adhere to My strict protocol, and while I shall incentivize compliance I will also punish defiance and failures.


This includes anything from traditional corporal punishment with floggers, paddles and canes, to electro play, tickle torture, exercise torture and even orgasm control or denial. I am a sadist at heart and love to watch My slaves squirm. This may also include psychological sadomasochism, such as humiliation.

Cock & Ball Torture

As wide and varied as all individual cocks, this includes genital bondage, urethral sounding, ball crushing with My heels or bare feet, ball busting, electro play and castration play. I also enjoy cock and ball humiliation.

Medical Play

I have professional medical training and use this to My advantage during medical sessions. Humiliating yet intimate, these sessions often include urethral sounding, catheters, temporary piercing, light scalpel play, prostate milking, and saline infusion. All of My tools are carefully sterilized and stored prior to your session.


Double the torture, double the fun! Be ravished by two (or more!) Mistresses, or Myself and a Master. Or, perhaps you would like to submit alongside a lovely little girl or boy. I also offer cuckolding sessions. If you are interested in a double session contact Me for My list of friends so we may choose the perfect person together.


This could be something as simple as bootlicking or foot worship, or should you please Me I may allow you to worship My whole body. I adhere to safer sex practices for all intimate worship sessions.

Toilet Training

Perhaps I will bless you with My golden shower, or tie you down and force you to surrender to all of My ambrosia. (BS sessions are an extra $100, and require a deposit and at least 48 hours' notice)

I Don't Provide

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover

Bareback/natural intimate services

Breast worship

Full-transformation cross-dressing

Party bookings

Permanent marking (i.e. branding)

Play involving illicit substances (including poppers/amyl)

Racist, homophobic or transphobic humiliation

Roman showers

Ruby showers

Smoking/cigarette play